What is emBrowdery™?

emBrowdery™ is a gentle technique of creating a very light, hair stroke tattoo to replace lost brow hair. This safe procedure is performed without the need to press down into the skin with a cutting motion. Instead, it uses a very fine formation of 15 needles to snag the skin in a plucking up motion. This gentle technique eliminates bleeding in normal skin types, prevents scabbing and makes it nearly impossible to scar the skin.


We offer both a Full Brow and Partial Brow Treatment. Full Brow is suitable for anyone who has very little or no natural brow due to overplucking or hair loss.  A Partial Brow treatment is suitable for clients who have greying brows, perhaps gaps from poor plucking technique, or partial brow loss – for example it is common to lose the outer third of your brows if you have any thyroid issues.



We are delighted to offer a 50% discount on the Full Brow treatment for anyone who has completed medical treatment for cancer, resulting in the loss of their brows.  Simply bring a note from your Doctor confirming that your treatment has concluded and it is safe for you to have Embrowdery and we will gladly help  get you back to looking like yourself again.

Terms and Conditions: This service is available on Mondays and Tuesdays only.

Embrowdery Treatment Details

After your 1st appointment your brows will look like they have makeup on them. This is because the pigment is still sitting on the top layers of the epidermis. Five days later you will notice a considerable change in appearance. This is because you are now seeing the pigment through the layers of epidermis skin ..it can look up to 70% lighter, depending on skin thickness. This is the foundation of your new brows and the perfect result for the client who is anxious that their new brows won’t suit them.


If you are having a partial brow replacement/fill, you now choose whether or not to continue on with your 2nd and 3rd treatments to build up on the foundation of pigment.  Alterations to the shape and thickness of your brows can be made easily at your 2nd treatment. The 3rd treatment adds enough pigment to give the brow a ‘shelf life’  of 12-18 months.  We are creating a day brow, which you can then enhance at night as usual – although you may not feel it is necessary after the treatment.


Payment can be made in three installments as there are three separate appointments to the treatment at four weekly intervals.

1st treatment (allow 120 mins)  €240

2nd treatment (allow 60 mins)  €80

3rd treatment (allow 60 mins)  €80

Total cost: €400.


For clients eligible for post-cancer treatment discount, just one payment of €200 can be made at the time of the patch test.


A Patch Test is required at least 24 hours before start of treatment and a deposit of €50 is required as payment for the patch test, redeemable against your first payment.



Emma, our owner, is 49 years old. Last summer, Emma took this photo in July in Brighton – her brows were going grey and had lost part of their outer third, ie they were getting shorter!   After 3 Embrowdery ‘Partial Refill’ Treatments, look at the difference last October: