MicroNeedling and AFA Peels have arrived at Heaven!

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See Leona, our Senior Therapist, get needled!



Leona’s Review:


‘I had my first microneedling treatment during our training with Susan from Eden Beauty Group. Susan explained in full detail what was involved, which really put me at ease, because even as a Therapist I was a little nervous! She had warned me that it might be a bit uncomfortable but it was almost painless, so I actually felt very relaxed during it.

After the needling itself Susan applied a super soothing cool mask which felt soooo nice after the needling itself. Straight after the treatment my skin felt amazing, very refreshed and tight. When I looked in the mirror I could see the redness Susan warned me about but it reduced quickly so I was able to get back to work with my own clients.

Susan gave me the peeled off mask to reapply that evening at home along with the remaining serum from the tube opened for my treatment, which further enhances the effect of the treatment. I don’t know if it was down to the facial treatment but I slept like a baby and now, the next day, my skin feels and looks amazing! I can’t wait to share this new treatment with my clients!’


All About Micro Needling

Micro Needling, also referred to as Skin Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy, is one of the easiest and most effective skin treatments available. Micro needling significantly improves the appearance of acne scars, aged or sun damaged skin, lines, wrinkles and stretch marks by encouraging the skin to produce new collagen, thereby rejeuvenating your skin naturally from the inside out.
The action of opening up the pores during the treatment also significantly increases the skin’s ability to absorb skin products, and we offer two serums with our Micro Needling Treatments – Hyal or Elastin. Hyal contains the same ingredients as injectable fillers (Hyaluronic Acid), and Elastin further promotes taut, line free skin.


Q: What Can Micro Needling do for my skin?


A: Micro Needling works effectively on the skin to draw new collagen to the surface of your skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines by actively kickstarting new cell growth and old cell repair. The use of 12 rotating ‘micro’ needles to pierce the skin also allows for maximum absorption and significantly deeper penetration of any products applied during the treatment, we offer a choice of either Hyal, or Elastin, to be applied during your microneedling treatment.


Q: Is there ‘downtime’ afterwards? Will I be red?


Yes, you will be red after this treatment, and depending on the skin damage or condition being addressed, and therefore the strength of the treatment, you may still be a little red the next day, but nothing that cannot be covered with your normal make up.  If you have broken veins or rosacea to be addressed, the microneedling strength will be increased, and you may have redness for several days – remember, your skin has been deliberately ‘damaged’ and now has to heal! It is easily covered with your normal make up after 24 hours, however, if you are concerned about being red, we advise that you time your appointments for your day off or after work.


Q: How Much Does Micro Needling Cost?

A course of 3 Treatments is €490, and includes your mask and serum to take home.

For the full price course, payments can be made in 2 installments.



Course of 3 just €350 for the first 10 bookings! That’s a saving of €140!

Terms and Conditions apply – the course must be paid for in full in advance.  Book a ‘Microneedling Consultation’ on the online booking sytem to arrange your 10 minute pre-treatment consultation, and we’ll take it from there.

We cannot wait to see you in Heaven… Call 01-6620111 or email Teresa on to book now!


AFA Facial Peels

Amino Acid Facial Peels exfoliate the skin deeply yet gently. Rich in antioxidants, they help the skin retain moisture for a soft, supple look and feel, help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate dry, sun damaged skin. AFA’s also relieve a range of skin conditions, particularly acne, rosacea and pigmentation.


Developed by American dermatologists to tackle mild to moderate skin conditions, the AFA skincare program is scientifically tested and proven to work.  We are delighted to now offer this gentle yet highly effective facial peel treatment to our clients.  A course of minimum 3, and maximum 6 is recommended initially for maximum results, and thereafter an AFA peel facial every 4-6 weeks to maintain your skin’s condition.


Q: What Can AFA Peels do for my skin?


A: Amino Acid based peels work effectively on the skin to:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Reduce photo pigmentation damage (sun spots);
  • Remove mild scarring;
  • Improve mild to moderate acne conditions – subject to assessment for suitability;
  • Reduce high facial colour and rosacea;
  • Improve the general health, tone & texture of the skin by naturally clearing away old, dead and
    damaged skin cells on your skin’s surface.


Q: Is there ‘downtime’ afterwards? Will I be red?


A: No, not at all. AFA Peels are known as The Lunchtime Peel, as you can be in and out in 30 minutes or less! The actual active element of the facial, the peel itself, is left on the skin for minutes only due to the very active ingredients involved. We will do some extraction before the application of your Peel if blocked pores are an issue for you.  So you can pop in at any time, AND get on with your day – but see visible improvements in your skin over the days after your treatment.


Q: How Much Does a Peel Cost?


A: We recommend a course of 3 peels at a minimum to maximise results, and if you are getting married or planning any other key event, we recommend a course of 6 peels to ensure you look your very best and feel FABULOUS on your special or important day.  Thereafter if you wish to maintain the effects, a top up AFA Peel treatment every 4-6 weeks is advised. Over the course of your treatments, the strength of the peel will be increased for maximum effect.

Course of 3 Peels is €210, which includes your AFA Exzit Gel, necessary for pre-peel preparation of the skin.

Course of 6  Peels is €380, which includes AFA Exzit Gel.

Both courses include your AFA Exzit Gel, necessary for pre-peel preparation of the skin – worth €34.

After your course of treatments, Maintenance Peels are €70.



Course of 6 just €295 for the first 10 bookings! That’s a saving of €85!
Terms and Conditions apply – the course must be paid for in full in advance.  Book an ‘AFA Consultation’ on the online booking sytem to arrange your 10 minute pre-treatment consultation to review your skin, sign your consent forms, pay for your course and collect your pre-peel gel.

We cannot wait to see you in Heaven… Call 01-6620111 or email Teresa on to book now!